New Feature In Amazon Prime Video – See Details

New Feature In Amazon Prime Video - See Details

Today we are going to talk about a new feature coming in Amazon Prime users if you have taken Amazon Prime membership then this feature is important for you see the details of the features.

Sometimes ago the company released this speeches for selected compress but now this feature is available for whole world according to Amazon there will be option to set 6 user profile in Amazon Prime video that is if you have Amazon Prime account you can create six different Prime profiles.

 if you have Amazon Prime membership and if you are using Amazon Prime video application then you can now create 6 profiles in this Amazon Prime video account one profile will remain primary in this account and the 5 additional profiles will be prepared so now you can also create user profiles in Amazon Prime.

If childrens are watching Amazon Prime video at home then parents can filter adult content Filter it can be also fitte when you are sitting in living room and adult content will be  filtered so that Amazon Prime connected devices will also be not accessible for that content.

This Picture is launch in Africa as well as in India but now this features is world wide according to the reports of techcrunch people view multiple devices from one account of the content server so it is good to make different user profile for viewing the same content.


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