Google bringing a new feature for android and ios

Google bringing a new feature for android and ios

New information related to Google has been come out  this is a new feature in Google app in this new update user will get dark mode feature in both Android and IOS platforms Google said this information on Twitter account about the dark mode in Google app recently in euro route for Google Chrome browser has been given in that new update privacy and safety features were mentioned.

 according to this new update Google said that it is bringing a new update for the dark mode in android and IOS platforms after this new update all users with that built in dark Mod feature in Google application Google dark mode support will be available only to Android 10 and IOS 12/ 13 users Google search will appear in dark mode after the Google Theme update will receive.

If you use this dark Mod feature in mobile app the Google app will automatically set the dark mode in system settings the Google said that it will only available for Android 10 and IOS 12/ 13 uers .this will get a new feature in Google application.  in Google searches dark mode will be enabled.


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