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Domestic flights will start from 25 may, Routes are divided into 7 sections

Domestic flights will start from 25 may, Routes are divided into 7 sections

Many flights for closed due to coronavirus lockdown on Thursday civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Puri said that domestic flight which were close is going to start  phased manners from may 25th. 

Maximum and minimum fare are fix for the flights that are going to start in case of Delhi and Mumbai the minimum fare for 90 to 120 minute journey will be 3500 while maximum will be 10,000 for 3 months this rule will be applicable to the Airlines Puri share that this The data given to the airlines will be applicable till 24 August 23:59 minute.

In Arogya Setu application Red status people will not be allowed to travel

Civil Aviation Minister said that cabin crew member will have full protective gear only one check back will be allowed.  Passengers must come at least two hours before departure  time. People travelling in the airlines must have necessary aarogya setu application to ensure that the Passenger has no covid-19 symptoms. in Arogya Setu Re status people will not allowed to travel.

passengers travelling must carry if sanitizer bottle, must wear a face mask and must wear a protective gear.  while travelling food will not be served.  only water bottles will available in seat or gallery area.

Different rules for Metro and non metro cities

Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Puri state that metro to metro cities will have some rules regarding domestic flight why there will be separate rule for metro to non metro cities metro cities will include in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai. Civil Aviation Minister said that one third airport will start only 33% of aircraft have been allowed to fly.

Flight routes are divided into 7 sections-

Section 1: Flight time less than 40 minutes

Section 2: Over 40 minutes and up to 60 minutes

Section 3: 60-90 minutes

Section 4: 90 to 120 minutes

Section 5: 2 hours to 2.30 hours

Section 6: Two and a half to three hours

Section 7: 3 hours to three and a half hours


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