Dispur – History, Tourism And More

Dispur - History, Tourism And More

Dispur is the capital of the large state of Assam located in the northeast of India. It is a city on one end of Assam’s largest city, Guwahati.

It got the status of the state capital in the year 1973 because before it the state capital was Shillong but after the formation of Meghalaya, Shillong came into the part of Meghalaya.

To the south of Dispur are the legendary Vasistha Ashram and Shankardev Kalakshetra. Shankardev Kalakshetra came into existence in the year 190 because the lack of an art center in the area was being felt for many years.

An ancient city of Jatiya is located in the neighborhood of Dispur where the state secretariat is located.Major buildings like Assam Secretariat and Assam Vidhan Sabha Sadan are located in Dispur itself.

There are also some important places of tourism such as Shilpagram and Vashistha Ashram. Dispur is also famous for the auction markets of tea set up here.

Despite being the capital, Dispur still remains under the umbrella of its neighboring city of Guwahati. The residents of Dispur include Aryans, Tibetans and people of Burma origin.

They strongly believe in their culture and heritage. Bihu festival is celebrated grandly here. Although Assamese is the official language of the city, Hindi and English are also not uncommon.